Unannounced Google Updates : Non-Bolded Page Titles & Non-Hyperlinked Breadcrumbs

Posted by Tony Edward on Monday, March 16, 2015 Under: SEO
Some of you may have noticed that Google is no longer bolding Page Titles and Hyperlinking Breadcrumbs in the SERPs. These changes were not publicly announced by Google but were pretty significant as they impact search visibility. Many in the SEO community saw these changes and were scratching their heads as to what is going on. Here is a breakdown of the situation:

Page Titles

Google not bolding Page Titles

Google stopped bolding page titles in the SERPs in Q4 of 2014. This was surprising as it was a key part of impacting search visibility. Keywords would usually be bolded based on the searcher's query. I'm certain many sites took a hit in organic CTR after this update. Meta Descriptions and URLs are still bolded.

breadcrumb rich snippets no longer clickable

Google also stopped hyperlinking Breadcrumb Rich Snippets in Q4 of 2014. This is also a major loss for search visibility and engagement. This was due to a hack that was done by giorgiotave.it. This feature may return as Google still has the breadcrumb rich snippets resource page up.

Google still displays bolded page titles and hyperlinked breadcrumbs in the search appearance recommendations in Webmaster Tools. Go figure... 

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