Facebook Updates its AI for Photo Searches

Posted by Tony Edward on Saturday, February 4, 2017 Under: Social Media
Recently, Facebook made updates to its AI for photo searches. The automatic alternative text feature was updated to better recognize whats in images and add alternative text to them. Here is a basic breakdown of how the image recognition works.

With this feature if you search for an image, you get results from your friends and pages/groups you currently like. You are also shown public images from pages that have images that match your query.

For the public images, it presents a great opportunity for brands/websites to get discovered which can lead to more Facebook followers and referral traffic to their sites. So each image should have a description, use hashtags if possible and provide a URL back to the website or product page etc. This can also will help the image to rank and make it easier for the Facebook AI to identify the image.

So be sure to optimize all your images on your Facebook Fan Page!

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